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But what is organic food and how is it produced?

But of course from organic farming!

• The agricultural system that promotes the recycling of resources, ecological balance and preserves biodiversity.

• The agricultural system based on the use of ecological fertilizers derived from animal and natural waste.

So from the farm directly to our plate!

• Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, cereals and many other delicious and green products! Everything is produced in the EU in compliance with all its strict standards to offer us except a safe diet and a green planet!

Organic Farming helps:

The responsible use of energy and natural resources. In the conservation of biodiversity. In the preservation of regional ecological balances. To enhance soil fertility. In maintaining water quality.

In short… sustainability!

In a world where the protection of the environment and our eating habits are imperative, we choose organic foods made in EU!
Because of the environmental damage caused by the reckless use of chemical and synthetic fertilizers, conventional agriculture seems to be looking back.

Organic farming focuses on renewable resources, soil and water conservation and management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological balance.

At the heart of all organic farming is the good health and welfare of animals.

With the aim of ensuring a balanced diet, and the non-use of drugs, animals live normally while prospering before productivity, which leads to the conservation of biodiversity, systemic productivity and longevity.
The increase of the earth's population and the climate change, make the transition to the future which is organic farming, imperative.

With an emphasis on the biodiversity of the agricultural system and the environment, organic farming has as its main goal the sustainability of the planet and its inhabitants, protects against the climate crisis and is the future!
Our planet needs us and it's time to take action!  By promoting the principles of EU equality, we use and consume organic products not only because they are delicious but also because they help the planet!

The EU-funded "Organic School" campaign promotes the consumption of organic products by pupils and children, to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle!